Memorials and Funeral Notices
  Dolores Mae Ryberg
  April 22, 2019
  Mercedes Lundquist
  April 14, 2019
  Lucien Mills Harriman
  April 10, 2019
  Rees Gordon
  April 10, 2019
  Leila "Nadine" Barker
  April 10, 2019
  Glenn Arthur Meek, Jr.
  April 9, 2019
  Byron Earl Christianson
  April 9, 2019
  Patricia Louise Roebuck
  April 8, 2019
  Alice Rebecca Yoder
  April 7, 2019
  Mary Jane Wilson
  April 4, 2019
  Arnold Victor Weld
  April 3, 2019
  Sherman Stevenson
  March 29, 2019
  Thelma Robello
  March 28, 2019
  Virginia "Ginger" Lea Marvin
  March 28, 2019
  James "Jim" Elwin Mosher
  March 27, 2019
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Memorials & Funeral Notices

Communication is important in life and it becomes even more so when we are faced with the death of someone close to us. Through Sweet Home Funeral Chapel, you can now publish an online funeral notice and tribute to the person who died.

The date, time, and location of the viewing, funeral, or memorial service
Directions to the chapel and cemetery
Where to send flowers or donations
How to send a message to the family
An online memorial in memory of a loved one can be accessed by all, no matter where they may be, and can be visited in an instant, any time.
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