Preplanning Services

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Preplanning Services

The funeral service represents our instinctive wish to honor our dead and comfort the bereaved. It also symbolizes the beliefs of a culture, its hopes, its ideals, its spiritual concepts. The modern funeral has many dimensions. Thoughtful preparation can offer peace of mind to both the plan-maker and those left behind.

Completing the "My Personal Transition" document is an easy first step. You can download and complete this document to provide your family with vital information required at a time when they will be under great stress.

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If we can provide information on the following or other matters, we hope you will let us be of service.
How to estimate Social Security or Veterans benefits.
How prepaid funeral costs may receive favorable treatment for Medicaid qualification.

Funeral prearrangement relieves the burden from those you love. Thoughtful preparation can offer peace of mind to both you and your loved ones. Rest assured they will have the vital information they need when the time comes.

Contact Mac Olsen at Sweet Home Funeral Chapel for personal assistance with your funeral planning process.

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